About the School

Building a sustainable
and democratic future

What distinguishes us

Active and individualised learning

We follow a student-centered approach, promoting active and cooperative learning, which privileges research work oriented by projects. We seek to analyse students’ profiles and potentials and then adjust our activities to each child’s unique learning needs, hence respecting their individuality.

Students are encouraged to set personal objectives and goals by means of an educational approach that recognises and values the way each child learns, their previous knowledge, their abilities and interests.

What distinguishes us

Inclusive Education

We are an inclusive school that respects each child’s potentialities, expectations and needs throughout their journey of personal and academic development. We work as a multidisciplinary team and in partnerships with families in order to ensure the identification, evaluation and individual support to each and every student.

What distinguishes us

Commitment to sustainability and contact with nature

The importance of outdoor life and the development of an environmental awareness are key in our daily school routine.

We take pride in our Eco-Escola award and in promoting Science and Environment Workshops (experimental sciences and environmental education) for Primary School.
One of our projects is Forest School, which aims at developing students holistically and providing them with space and opportunities for practical experimentation in nature. This kind of activity contributes to the development of competences and skills such as confidence, creativity, risk assessment and autonomy.

What distinguishes us

Integrated learning of the English language and Cambridge certification

We believe English language acquisition is an essential and facilitating resource in adapting to a globalized world, especially in the current context of mobility, internationalization and interculturalism.

Our students can benefit from integrated English language learning: through an informal immersive context – where language is naturally present throughout their daily routines – as well as in formal academic moments – lessons.

We are a Cambridge Educational Partner and Cambridge Preparation Centre for English Qualifications. As such, we make use of Cambridge University curriculum, resources and certifications for teaching English.

What distinguishes us

Globalizing and entrepreneurial culture

Our school is oriented towards the challenges that the future can bring. We promote an entrepreneurial attitude in our children and employees, enabling them to adapt to the demands of a globalized world.

Our aim is to develop self-confidence, proactivity, risk and opportunity assessment, rigour, responsibility and resilience; without compromising the children’s well-being.

What distinguishes us

Responsible technology integration

Colégio da Beloura invests in digital education of students, promoting the pedagogical and responsible use of digital technologies to improve the processes of teaching, learning and evaluation.

We make use of Microsoft Teams platform, which allows unified communication among employees, students and families. Microsoft Teams has multiple functionalities such as chat, meetings, calls, collaborations, integration of apps and file storage.

Project To Be provides its schools – students, employees and families – with a permanent IT support service.

Mission and values

Beloura School’s mission is to develop autonomous, cooperative and responsible children who grow happily and contribute to a more sustainable planet and a more democratic society.

Openness and cooperation

We encourage the development of cooperative and inclusive school environments by stimulating cooperation and clear straightforward communication amongst all members, reinforcing attitudes of tolerance, respect and acceptance.

Familiar and warm environments

We value the establishment of close affective bonds amongst our employees, students and their families. We offer familial, safe and welcoming educational environments which promote well-being.

Lifelong Learning

We encourage our students and employees to be active agents of their own process of learning.

We foster a curious and conscious attitude which is motivated by learning opportunities throughout life, in a holistic and transversal perspective of personal growth and fulfillment.

Ethics and Social Impact

Within our educational community – students, families, staff – we promote active, informed citizenship, as well as high ethical standards and a positive impact on the social and environmental development of our local community.

Global and entrepreneurial vision

We encourage our students and employees to have an entrepreneurial attitude, enabling them to adapt to the demands of a globalized world. We work to develop self-confidence, proactivity, ability to evaluate risks and opportunities, rigour, responsibility and resilience.

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Belourinha (nursery and pre-school) came from the idea of creating an innovative school, focusing on active learning and individualised teaching. The school was based in Quinta da Beloura and it started its activity in 2002.



A few years later, in 2007, there was a demand to expand the educational project and a Primary School Building – the so called Colégio da Fonte Velha – was inaugurated. The chosen name pays homage to the Fountain of the Pilgrims from Santiago de Compostela, which is situated in the school’s garden and is considered municipal heritage of Sintra.



In 2013, Belourinha and Colégio da Fonte Velha officially joined into one single school called Colégio da Beloura. The school continued to privilege innovation and high quality, differentiated teaching.



In April 2020, Colégio da Beloura joined the educational group Project To Be. While maintaining the school’s original identity and professional team, this integration enabled us to raise standards of our English language teaching and Science and Environment studies, remodel our facilities and equipment, strengthen educational staff, promote investment in the continuous training of human resources and establish new educational partnerships.