Psychology and Inclusive Education

Supporting student’s
development and learning

We have a department of psychology and support for inclusive education, which makes interventions in the school community with the following objectives:

Global development and acquisition of essential skills

Respond to the pupils’ needs throughout their school life, contributing to their global development and the acquisition of essential skills;

Individualised support

Propose, monitor, follow-up and evaluate measures to support learning and inclusion;
Ensure individualised educational support to students, working alongside classroom teachers;

Inclusive school

Create and apply inclusive cultures, policies and practices, promoting effective communication between educational team members, families and external technicians;

Promotion of psychological health

Implement procedures and strategies for prevention and promotion of psychological health within the school context;

Intervention in the educational community

Intervene in the school community, at its various levels, with evaluation procedures and psychopedagogical support, psychological consulting and counseling.

The Department of Psychology and Support for Inclusive Education has the collaboration of a psychologist and a teacher supporting the primary school, who are part of the Multidisciplinary Team to Support Learning and Inclusion of Colégio da Beloura, together with other elements from the educational community: pedagogical direction, teachers, external technicians who support students and parents.

The department is coordinated, at a central level, in the Project To Be group, by Dr. Dora Guerreiro, a psychologist with extensive professional experience in educational contexts and a member of the group’s Pedagogical Council, where she is also Pedagogical Coordinator.

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