Psychology and Inclusive Education

Support fo the Development
and Learning of Students

The Department of Psychology and the Inclusive Education Support at Beloura emphasizes the importance of partnership between all elements of the educational community in building an inclusive school and in supporting the development and learning of all students.

The department has the collaboration of specialised experts, who are part of the Multidisciplinary Team to Support Learning and Inclusion at Beloura, and who work together with other elements of the educational community – pedagogical directors, teachers, external specialists who support students and parents – in the sense of promoting the well-being and success of students.

Within the scope of this department, and to ensure adequate inclusion and conditions of equity for students whose Portuguese is not their mother tongue or the language of schooling, the school provides the services of teachers to support the learning of Portuguese as second Language, who are responsible for the diagnosis and monitoring of students.

The Department intervenes in the educational community with the following objectives:

Global development and acquisition of essential skills

Respond to students` needs throughout their school journey, contributing to their overall development and the acquisition of essential skills and education;

Individualised support

Propose, follow, monitor, and evaluate measures to support learning and inclusion;
Ensure individualised educational support for students with the assistance of teachers;

Inclusive School

Ensures the existence of inclusive cultures, policies and practices, promoting effective teamwork between elements of the educational team, families and external specialists;

Promotion of Psychological Health

Implements procedures and strategies for the prevention and promotion of psychological health in a school setting;

Intervention in the Educational Community

Intervenes in the Educational community, at its various levels, with evaluation procedures and psycho-pedagogical support, psychological consultancy, and counseling.

The department is coordinated, at a central level, in the Project To Be group, by Dr. Dora Guerreiro, a psychologist with extensive professional experience in educational contexts and a member of the group’s Pedagogical Council, where she is also Pedagogical Coordinator.

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