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Project to Be

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Project To Be is an educational group formed by a team of family and reference schools in local communities, with an educational offer that covers baby nursery, nursery, pre-school, and basic education.

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At To Be Schools we educate happy, empathetic, and responsible children, who assume their role as agents of change, and grow up to be actively committed citizens with the construction of a more sustainable society.

To Be schools have the To Be values in common – lifelong learning, family and emotional environment, openness and cooperation, social impact, and global and entrepreneurial vision -, and base their educational projects on the four educational pillars: individualisation of teaching-learning processes, integrated learning of the English language, innovation, and family and community.

The Project To Be Group

Colégio da Beloura is part of Project To Be Group, which also includes: Colégio Papião (Estoril), Colégio Catarina de Bragança (Sintra), Colégio da Fonte (Oeiras), Colégio Quadrante (Cascais) and Escola Ave Maria (Alcântara, Lisbon).

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