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Colégio da Beloura establishes educational partnerships and protocols with different entities, enabling a more enriching and complete learning experience for its students, and greater convenience for families.

Educational Partnerships

Cambridge University Press | Educational Partner

Beloura School is a Cambridge Certified Educational Partner, taking advantage of numerous benefits for the entire educational community and ensuring a standard of excellence in teaching and learning English.

Throughout their academic life, our students are prepared for Cambridge exams, namely for Young Learners English Tests (YLE). YLE are designed for children aged 6 to 12. They are subdivided into three exams that certify different levels of English (Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers and A2 Flyers) in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Ao longo do seu percurso académico, os nossos alunos são preparados para os exames Cambridge, especificamente para os Young Learners Exams (YLE). Os YLE estão concebidos para crianças entre os 6 e os 12 anos e subdividem-se em três exames que certificam o nível de inglês dos alunos (Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers e A2 Flyers) nas competências de oralidade, leitura e escrita (listening, speaking, reading, writing).

Patas Tenras Forest School – Learning naturally

Colégio da Beloura has an educational partnership with Patas Tenras, a certified Forest School project, which seeks to promote and spread this pedagogical approach in Portugal.

Forest School aims at the holistic development of the child, providing a space for practical experimentation for children to boost their skills and abilities, such as: confidence, creativity, risk management and autonomy. It operates on long-term programmes, on a regular basis, in a natural forest space, led by a certified guide.

Cambridge Assessment English

As a result of our partnership with Cambridge Assessment English, we prepare our students for Cambridge qualifications and students are able to take the exams in Beloura’s premises or in another Project to Be school.

Cambridge offers training and support to the school and the teachers, as well as clarification and information to families about any issues related to Cambridge certifications.

Nutrir – Food and Nutrition Consultancy

Project To Be established an educational partnership with Nutrir. Nutrir is a Food and Nutrition Consulting entity, founded and constituted by Nutritionists, whose mission is to offer a set of services adjusted to the specific needs of each client, creating unique and innovative solutions.

In order to promote health and disease prevention, as well as to provide a solid food education to its students, Colégio da Beloura invests in this collaboration that includes: training sessions – students, parents and employees – in the areas of nutrition and food , implementation of health and nutrition programs, and preparation of healthier menus.


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