Marisa Gonçalves

Coordenadora Pedagógica do Inglês


English Teacher.

She is a dedicated professional that strives to provide all learners with a safe environment that explores the English language in a fun and practical manner, where learning is active, is mediated and nurtured, where art and nature are welcomed.


Her experience in teaching learners with special needs, background in psychology and English fluency are traits that assist her in being the teacher she is today.

She was born in South Africa, and recently immigrated to Portugal, and was welcomed as a teacher at Colégio da Beloura.

In South Africa she teached at Glenoaks Remedial School, Archers College and 123 Montessori, and worked at Baloos Necessities, as kindergarten and school manager.

She studied Arts – Child and Family Psychology (University of Johannesburg), Education (University of South Africa), Special Needs (Glenoaks), Integrated Learning Therapy (ILT), and Reading and Phonics (Time 2 Read).

Nota pessoal

She truly believes in this quote “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”