20 Nov, 2023
Project Be Kind – A Bridge Between Generations

BE KIND is a social impact project whose main theme is social inclusion, specifically focusing on the importance of intergenerational relationships.

The project involves active participation from the school communities of To Be Schools – students, parents, teams – who, by working with and for local communities, aim to contribute to the construction of a more inclusive society – one that is fair, supportive, and tolerant.

The main objectives of BE KIND are to: raise awareness about the relevance of intergenerational connections, promote intergenerational education, combat stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination, foster knowledge and intergenerational solidarity, develop values and socio-emotional skills, including empathy, social awareness, respect, solidarity, and justice in students, promote social inclusion and active aging for seniors, encourage lifelong learning, facilitate equitable sharing of knowledge and experiences between generations, and highlight the social dimension of sustainability, particularly the urgency of actions that aim to improve the quality of life, full access to citizenship, and the construction of a more inclusive society.

Within the scope of BE KIND, numerous actions will be developed, some at the local level (in each of the To Be Schools, linked to their educational projects), and others as central Project To Be initiatives (cutting across all schools, involving all educational communities).

BE KIND will be the central social impact project of To Be Schools for the academic years 2022/2023 and 2023/2024.

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